Distance learning is now open to all thanks to the internet


The web has made course materials accessible, contact with tutors easier, and created the opportunity to study at a prestigious university for free Through Online Distance Learning, we offer a wide range of cutting-edge courses and highly flexible study options to provide you with the skills to further enhance your career prospects and demonstrate real expertise in your chosen field. Online Distance Learning is exactly as its name suggests: studying without actually being on site at your chosen university. Instead of attending lectures, you study online, attend ‘virtual’ tutorials and submit your assignments over the Internet. You can be in the same country as the university, or overseas. It doesn’t matter. Online Distance Learning gives you the opportunity to study through a university that you would not be able to attend because of your location, or to fit study around work or other commitments. Choosing Online Distance Learning with NUWMNRU means completing your degree, Masters award or Continuous Professional Development through an organisation with an outstanding reputation for excellence in the UK and internationally. Providing you have use of a computer with Internet access, you can study from home, your workplace, or almost anywhere you choose. Most important of all, Online Distance Learning with NUWMNRU doesn’t mean going it alone. All our Online Distance Learning students are supported by a dedicated team of tutors who are available online and by phone to guide and advise. The Blackboard Virtual Learning Environment will also play an important part in your studies and provide access to other students and support groups.

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