Using Blackboard Software


Blackboard will play an important role in your studies, when you become a NUWMNRU Online Distance Learning student.
Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) used by top-ranking universities globally, Blackboard provides online access to course materials and learning resources.
Using the Blackboard software, you can complete and submit coursework, check your progress, communicate with your lecturer and participate in lively, active debate with other students from around the world regarding the central issues of your learning.

The benefits of Blackboard include:

  • Access to important reference material, handouts, reading lists and web links
  • Talking to other students and tutors through online discussion boards and forums
  • Attending ‘virtual’ presentations and tutorials
  • Discussing ideas, exchanging information and joining in lively debates
  • Completing and submitting your assignments with the support of online marking and feedback
  • Keeping up-to-date with course deadlines and announcements

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