What is Distance Learning?

What is Distance Learning?

The name “Distance Learning” speaks for itself – it means to study at a distance. The learning process is organized in a special learning environment by using modern information and communication technologies. The system of Distance Learning allows you to get the education by using your personal computer and the access to the Internet.

The Distance Learning is education without constant visits to the educational center. This type of learning is successfully used by students of High School and also for retraining and advanced training of specialists.

The Distance Learning in the modern system of education is the possibility of getting the university degree for those people who cannot study at the full-time department for some reason.

A significant advantage of this type of learning is taking into account of personal needs, abilities, temperament and employment of student in each case, the student can study the material in any order, faster or slower.


Flexibility: the students which get the distance education, in general, don’t visit the regular classes, but study at a convenient time and in a convenient location. The little part of the educational process can be realized by the full-time form (the exams, practical, laboratory works). The quantitative and content indicators of this part depend on the training direction and stage of development of the Distance Learning.

Modularity: the modular approach is the base of the program of Distance Learning; each individual course creates the coherent picture of the specific subject area which helps to form the educational program from a set of independent modules courses.

Parallelism: the education is realized at the same time that the professional activity (or the other education), without leaving the job or other activity.

Large audience: simultaneous reference to a lot of sources of information by a lot of students, the communication of students among themselves and with their teachers by using the telecommunications.

Economy: the effective use of the educational areas and technical means, the concentrated and unified presentation of information, the usage and development of computer simulation should lead us to reducing costs for training.

Workability: using in the learning process of new achievements of information technology which promote the entry of human to the international information space.

Social equity: the same possibilities of getting the education regardless of residence, health status and social status.

Internationality: the possibility of getting the degree in educational institutions of foreign countries without leaving your country and providing educational services to foreign people and your compatriots which live in foreign countries.

The new role of teacher: the Distance Learning expands and updates the role of teacher, now he is the mentor and consultant who should coordinate the cognitive process, continuously improve those courses which he teaches, and increase creativity and qualification according to innovations.

Positive impact on student: increasing the creative and intellectual potential of person who gets the Distance Learning by the self-organization, pursuit of knowledge, using the modern information and telecommunication technologies, ability to make important decisions independently.

Quality: the quality of Distance Learning does not yield the quality of full-time education because the best teachers prepare the teaching tools and the most modern teaching materials are used; the introduction of specialized control of quality of Distance Learning is expected.


The goal of Distance Learning is to provide the learning services by using the modern information and communication technologies on some educational levels according to state standards; on programs of preparing citizens for admission to higher education, preparation of foreign citizens and additional training of employees.

The objective of Distance Learning is providing citizens the possibility of realization of constitutional right of getting the education and professional qualification, additional training regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, social status, type of occupation, ideological convictions, party affiliation, religion, health status, residence according to their abilities.


The great advantage of Distance Learning is the possibility of access to all the educational levels of those people who cannot study at institution of higher education on traditional forms for some reason.

If you cannot visit classes every day on schedule:

The Distance Learning frees from the necessity of visit the institution at a defined time. The students decide by themselves when and how much time to dedicate to the education. The Distance Learning gives you a possibility of study when it is convenient to you;

If you work, if you are busy and don’t have enough time to study at the full-time department:

The Distance Learning gives a possibility to get the education to those people who are busy at work or with kids almost all day. You can get the education together with the construction of career and without risk of losing the good job or caring the child.

If you live too far from the place where you want to study:

The Distance Learning is the possibility to get the education for those who live in remote regions of Ukraine or abroad. The Distance Learning gives the unique opportunity to get knowledge without leaving your country, region or city.

If you have limited financial resources:

The Distance Learning gives the opportunity of significant savings compared to other forms of education but you receive the qualified knowledge and the degree of state sample. Primarily it is explained by the fact that the base of the learning process of Distance Learning is the individual work of student which studies at the convenient time and place. So the educational center reduces costs for premises, utilities, salary for teachers etc.

If you have special physical abilities:

The modern information and communication technologies which are used by Distance Learning give the opportunity to get the education to the people who have medical restrictions for getting the education by traditional forms, to people with special needs.

If you are not satisfied with a common program of education:

The Distance Learning gives a possibility of spending less time on that subjects which are less interesting for student and study much deeper the interesting and necessary subjects. This type of learning promotes much more the personal development. If you know how to study and want to study more, if you want to become a qualified specialist after graduation then the Distance Learning is just for you!

If you want to study the courses of the best teachers – specialists of their subjects:

The advantage of the Distance Learning is the high quality of the educational services because the best teachers and specialists of different areas prepare and realize the Distance Learning.

If you want to get the basic skills of PC user in addition to desired profession:

During the studies you are going to work with different computer programs, if it is necessary the teacher will teach you how to work with those programs. So you will get additional practical knowledge and abilities of a PC user.

You don’t lose anything, you just get more:

The students of the Distance Learning Form receive the complete electronic lecture notes of the full-time educational program. You are going to have everything necessary for the successful study of the subjects. Everything we need from you is the desire to learn. 


Distance education is a very interesting option for me

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