Why Online Distance Learning at NUWMNRU in Rivne?


Choosing Online Distance Learning with NUWMNRU means completing your degree, Masters award or Continuous Professional Development through an organisation with an outstanding reputation for excellence in the UK and internationally. Most important of all, Online Distance Learning with NUWMNRU doesn’t mean going it alone. All our Online Distance Learning students are supported by a dedicated team of tutors who are available online and by phone to guide and advise. The Blackboard Virtual Learning Environment will also play an important part in your studies and provide access to other students and support groups. At NUWMNRU, we are proud of over reputation. Our pioneering and innovative research work is recognised internationally and makes a direct and relevant contribution to the world today. Our courses are accredited by numerous professional bodies and our friendly, highly experienced tutors maintain active links with business and offer real industry expertise.

Welcome to the NUWMNRU!

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