Information for prospective students

Conditions of entry of foreigners and persons without citizenship (distance learning)

Foreigners and stateless persons shall submit to the university the following documents:

  1. application form;
  2. original and copy of previous education;
  3. original and copy paper (annex to the certificate of education), which contains information about its performance in academic subjects;
  4. copy of birth certificate;
  5. medical health certificate certified by an official health authority of the country of which the foreigner;
  6. a copy of the passport of a foreigner or a document certifying the stateless person;
  7. 6 photos size 60 x 40 mm;
  8. a copy of the certificate of a foreign Ukrainian (if available).

The documents referred to in paragraphs 2-6 of this paragraph shall be translated into Ukrainian language and must be nostrificated within the first year of studing. Foreigners who enter graduate school, also submit an abstract in the chosen scientific specialty or officially certified at the place of work / training candidate list published scientific works and inventions. For admission to doctoral studies submitted in addition:

  •          Plan of the thesis for the scientific degree of "Doctor of Science";
  •          A copy of the diploma awarding appropriate degree.

The documents must be certified in the country of issue in a way that is officially used in that country for such testimony, and legalized by the appropriate foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine, unless otherwise provided by international treaties of Ukraine. The university established the following amounts of tuition fees for foreign students in the following amounts:

Foreign Ukrainian who received training assignment of Ukrainian national-cultural societies, for admission to the University have the same rights to education as citizens of Ukraine, with the exceptions established by the Constitution of Ukraine, laws of Ukraine or international agreements .Foreignersand stateless persons have the right to higher education at the level of citizens of Ukraine, except the right to higher education in the state budget of Ukraine, local budgets, unless otherwise stipulated by international treaties ratified by the Government of Ukraine.Foreigners who have received secondary education in foreign schools with the Ukrainian language, Ukrainian and foreign, which confirmed the status of foreign Ukrainian identity card shall be credited to the university within the established quotas for the interview.Foreigners who come to study to get certain educational qualification level shall be credited to the university no later than 15 November under the orders of enrollment. A person recognized as a refugee or a person in need of additional protection, has equal citizens of Ukraine the right to higher education.

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