Transcarpathian local center of Distance Learning

Transcarpathia - the most secured area of natural water resources in Ukraine. Topical issues in the field is water management, pollution control and playback them. Especially in mountainous and foothills, there was a problem of combating harmful action of water - flooding floods, floods, water erosion and phenomena accompanying them - landslides, salaam.

The main objective of the center is to train specialists with higher education hydraulic, land management, environmental areas and machine building, automation and computer-integrated technologies, feasibility study of comprehensive programs to combat flooding floodwater areas; facilitate solving social and economic issues of education graduates of schools and other educational institutions Transcarpathia; approximation educational activities to places of work and residence of students.

The first students in 2003 was carried out in three specialties (water conservation; handling, transport, building, road and agricultural machines and equipment; land management and cadastre) and amounted to 59 people. Today TransCarpathian local center of Distance Learningenrolled more than 300 students from Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Transcarpathia regions in the following six areas of training (specialties):

  • 060101 Hydraulic Engineering (water resources), (water conservation);
  • 050503 Engineer (Hoisting, building, road, reclamation machines and equipment);
  • 080101 Geodesy, Cartography and Land Management) (Cadastre and Land Management);
  • 040106 Ecology, environment and balanced nature (ecology and environmental protection);
  • 050202 Automation and computer integrated technologies (automated process control);
  • 030509 Accounting and Auditing (Accounting and Auditing).

Training of students is conducted in a manner which provides familiarize students with the scoreboard educational process, guidelines and recommended literature. Classes during the sessions mostly conducted by professorsof the National University of Water Management and Nature Resources Use.

In the educational process of the TransCarpathian local center of Distance Learning used computers, library collection center (over 9,000 copies) continuously formed from the inflow of educational textbooks, manuals, guidelines from the base of the institution and replenish the fund through their own acquisitions.

Independent work of students of the TransCarpathian local center of Distance Learningprovided password access via the Internet to an electronic database teaching of placed on the university site, e-library textbooks, electronic distance learning courses baseline universities.


For the first time in 2009 on the territory Vynogradiv defended graduation projects of students and graduates (47 people) who have received higher education in the following specialties:

  •        Water conservation (13 persons);
  •        Hoisting, building, road, reclamation machines and equipment (12 people);
  •        Land Management and Cadastre (22 persons).

During the years of TransCarpathian local center of Distance Learning the higher education get more than 300 professionals.

Students can also receiveAppendix to Diploma of European model.




106, I. Frankost.,

Transcarpathian region,

Ukraine, 90300