Eastlocal center of Distance Learning

East local center of Distance Learning of the National University of Water Management and Nature Resources Use, established in 2001 in Slovyansk is a separate university department, state-owned. Provides training for public order and agreements with legal entities and individuals bachelors and specialists. After graduating student get state university diploma.

The admission of students is on the following specialties:

-       Geodesy, Cartography and Land Management;

-       Hydraulic Engineering (water resources);

-       Ecology, Environmental Protection and Balanced Nature;

-       Business Economics.


During the academic year has to pass two sessions in winter and summer. The total duration of sessions for the year is 30 - 40 days. It hosts the entrance exams, lectures, practical and laboratory classes. Practiced out visiting training on water management facilities reserve “Holy Mountain”, ornithological reserve “Salt Lake”. Great attention is paid to computer education. During the session, students livein hostel, there is also a canteen.

The first graduation was in 2005 of bachelors and specialists in 2006.

Since then, the institution graduated 415 bachelors and 395 specialists, most of them currently hold leadership positions in water management, and construction organizations land management in eastern region of Ukraine.

For graduate employment center works closely with industrial water complex organizations and Cadastre Donetsk and Lugansk regions, created and works “Alumni Club”.

Training is mainly involved by professors staff of the National University of Water Management and Nature Resources Use, at about 37 persons.

In addition, in order to approach the learning process to production are invited leading specialists and managers of Basin water resources of the rivers of Donbass and the Seversky Donets, the District Department State land resources, Geological Reclamation expedition of Donetsk Regional Water Management Administration, the tax office.


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