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Training and consulting centres

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Educational and Research Institute of Extramural and Distance Learning was created by order of the rector NUWM 5 February 2013.
The predecessor of the research institute of Extramural and distance learning, distance education department was established by order of the rector №53from 30 January 2004, and for the introduction of distance learning by Rector's order №489 from July 12, 2006 at the Department of Distance Education established structural unit - "Distance Learning Center" of two departments: the department of distance learning technologies and methods of distance learning department.
After Readiness distance learning university to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine №894 from 25.09.2009. National University of Water and Nature received permission to provide vocational education in remote form.
The purpose of the Institute is implementing innovative learning technologies in the Bologna process on the basis of the concept of lifelong learning.
The world process of transition to a postindustrial, information society, as well as economic, political and social changes taking place in Ukraine, determine the need to accelerate reform of the system of national education. This primarily refers to meeting the educational needs of citizens throughout life, access to education and training of all who have the necessary skills and adequate training given to the integration of higher education in the European educational space.
European countries for several decades make consistent steps towards rapprochement, one of the important activities is the creation of pan-European educational space. The most crucial step in this direction was the first meeting of European Ministers responsible for Higher Education in Bologna (1999), which was adopted a joint declaration, which was the basic objectives and principles of the European Higher Education Area.
In our university created and successfully functioning computer network, with access to the Internet, set up an electronic database methodology of the educational process that is constantly updated and supplemented. These and other circumstances have created the preconditions for the implementation of distance learning technologies.


The Institute includes:
  • Department of distance learning;
  • Local Learning Centre:
  1. Crimean          Address: Autonomous Republic of Crimea,. Dzhankoi stNestorova 33 (based Djankoi technical schools) Tel .: 8 (06564) 34-565;
  2. Slavic             Address: Donetsk Region,. Slovyansk street. Marx, 41 (based on chemical-mechanical college, Aud. 22), 8 Tel .: (097) 76-39-49-1.
  3. Prilutsky         Address: Chernigov region, m. Prylukyvul. Kiev 178, Tel .: 8 (04637) 35-181.
  4. Zakarpattya   Address: Transcarpathian region,. Vinogradov, Street. Franko 116 (based Higher School №34), Tel .: 8 (03143) 26-553
Address: c. Rivnevul. Cathedral, 11 (educational building №1)
Tel. / Fax: 8 (0362) 22-59-11


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