Initial period (origin and formation of the pre-war years)

1915 Members of the Society for the spread of education (group of professors Kiev Polytechnic Institute) was founded Kyiv secondary school agricultural hydraulic
1920 The school was transformed into Meliorativnoe department of Kyiv Agricultural College
1922 A reclamation Kyiv College (KMT) on the basis of reclamation department of Kyiv Agricultural College
1924 Reclamation Kyiv Kyiv renamed the College of Engineering and College of reclamation (KIMT)
1927 On the basis of the Kiev College of Engineering and reclamation and Kiev College of Land-reclamation organized Kyiv Polytechnic Land surveyor (KMZP)
1928 KMZP joined the Kiev Agricultural Institute (KAI)
1930 Organized by Kyiv Institute of Engineering and reclamation (Kimi) based on output from KAI engineering and reclamation and kulturtehnichnoho faculties. 
Kimi To Joinano reclamation engineering faculty of the Kharkov Agricultural Institute
1933 The structure of the third-year students of the Faculty of supply, as a separate group (19 people). Enrolled students of the former faculty "Surface structures" Kiev institute of engineering 
The structure Kimi entered the Odessa Institute of Engineering and reclamation.
1934 Kimi renamed in Kyiv Hydrotechnical Institute (KHMI)
1939 By KHMI connected torfomehanichnyy faculty of the Kyiv Institute of Ceramics and Glass


During the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945)

Partial relocation to Kharkov
Evacuation KHMI in Alma-Ata. 
Joining KHMI and KAI as faculty, to Central Asian Agricultural Institute
Opening KHMI occupation authorities on the basis that could not be evacuated from Kiev
Eliminate the Nazi underground Komsomol, led by student KHMI H.Sinitsynym, closing the institute, partial removal of young people in Germany, Nazi destruction of material and training facilities of the Institute
Resettlement KHMI from Almaty to Kyiv
1943-1944, Rebuilding and restoration of the Institute
1945 Setting peaceful work and learning environment normalization in KHMI

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